There's a study for everything nowadays and I'm not sure that I believe this one.

Everybody is good at SOMETHING. For me, wrapping presents is NOT something I'm good at. Never have been, never will be. I even took a wrapping class in college when I worked retail over Christmas, and my gifts STILL look like a T-Rex wrapped them.

There's a new study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology that claims that badly-wrapped gifts...are more likely to be, well, liked by the recipient.

I've heard some whoppers in my 37 years on this planet but THIS ONE is a doozy.

The study claims that immaculately wrapped gifts have high expectations, which can lead to disappointment.

Whatever you say, guys. My presents are still wrapped like garbage and I really don't care what anybody thinks about them. The wrapping, not the gift inside. That is something I care about.

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