It seems like for the past 15 years in Hollywood all of the rage has been comicbook movies. From X-Men, Ironman, Batmanm Superman, to even the new Ant-Man, Hollywood have been pulling movies left and right. It seems like the summer of 2015 and now we know 2016 will be no different.We have learned about Batman vs. Superman, and now a Suicide Squad movie.

I'm not big into comic books like I thought I was, because some of these characters are just plain new to me including the Suicide Squad, but after watching the trailer I am extremely excited of Jared Leto's newest depiction of 'The Joker'.

Historically the Joker has been very cartoonish with the exception of Heath Ledger's version.

But this Suicide Squad version of Joker seems like a very dark and like a straight up psychopath, which has me extremely excited.

Not to mention the movie will also be starring Will Smith as Deadshot and will also feature Joker's side kick Harley Quinn in her very first cinematic role.

How do you think Jared Leto will do?