The Superman 'Man of Steel' 2013 official trailer is here.  The Superman films have never lived up to the hype of the superhero.  I can't remember anything about the previous films that is worth mentioning besides they needed to be more entertaining.  You should check out this trailer.

One thing that is noticeable about this 'Man of Steel' trailer is how realistic the scenes are.  In the past films, 'Superman: The Movie' and 'Superman: Returns,' the films were cheesy and just not believable. The previous films seem to try too hard to show Superman has the ultimate superhero.

Christopher Nolan, who was behind the Batman Trilogy movies, is on board for this 2013 Superman film.  If you enjoyed the Batman films of late, we can expect Nolan will improve things for 'Man of Steel.'

Watch the trailer below and let me know if you think this will be the best Superman movie to date.