Swizz Beatz announced the Lamborghini Powered by Monster on Instagram during an electronics tradeshow in Las Vegas, yesterday.

The new co-owner of Monster and acclaimed producer Swizz Beatz has a natural love for cars and music, now he has fused the two together with his business savy. Making the announcement on Instagram yesterday at the annual Consumers Electric Show in Vegas.

Swizz is setting a precedents that Monster has never been and will never be known as just a headphone company. After purchasing a stake in the company last February, Swizz Beatz has been a major figure in the new business coming to Monster Cable Products.

Details are not out but from the looks of the Red Lambo, whatever happens is MERCY!

The Real Swizz, Instagram
The Real Swizz, Instagram

What do you think is the next venture for Swizz Beatz and Monster?

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