T-Pain decides to flip the script in the visual for his DJ Mustard-produced strip club banger "Make That S--- Work" featuring Juicy J.

Instead of hitting the strip club, the rappers hit the streets for a full-out party that includes ladies twerking and a few guys looking like straight up fools. Of course there are plenty of bootylicious moves to ogle over but there's more than a few laughs to be had at the expense of both men and women trying to flex when their pockets are dry.

While two cuties pose for a flick with a selfie stick, a creeper pops up with his own bootleg version -- duct tape included. Next. Christian Louboutins are obviously not in one girl's budget so she decides to spray paint her "red bottoms" but the jokes on her when the paint trail follows her every move. Stop the madness, woman. And when Rose is too much dough, another cheapskate finds a quick fix with some no frills champagne.

The piano-laden track "Make That S--- Work" will appear on T-Pain's fifth album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, arriving in the fall.

Watch T-Pain and Juicy J go to work above.

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