T-Pain turned up the auto-tune and put his own Nappy-Boy spin on Lorde's hit 'Royals'.

With a new album coming out this year, T-Pain is trying to get as much press as possible.  That might explain why he was so vocal about his opinions of homophobia in hip-hop.

He spoke to VladTV about the attitude rappers take toward gay people in the industry and set the tone with one simple statement.

Dude, if you ain't gay, then gay things shouldn't bother you, like gay people shouldn't bother you.

T-Pain did go a little deeper though when he brought up his friend Frank Ocean.  He thinks Ocean is being shunned by the industry saying, "I know n----s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f---ing song and that's so terrible to me, man."

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