Christin Howard was the victim of a severe beating during Detroit's 'Motor City Pride Festival', and ironically he claims it's because he's gay.

A bystander tried to stop the group of men from starting a fight with Howard on the Riverwalk in Detroit.  She continued to record the beating as many others walked by like nothing was going on.

Howard told WXYZ that the attack was unprovoked and that he was getting a picture taken with a friend when the young men started circling, commenting on his long hair, calling him homophobic slurs and threatening violence.

The graphic video is hard to watch due to the violence, but it's even more difficult to accept when you think about the reason that the men attacked Howard.

The full video is below, and if you choose to watch it I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions.  How could so many people just walk by without doing something?  What kind of person attacks someone for being gay?  What would you do if you walked into something like this?