America's Got Talent

Johnny Manuel Wows AGT
Flint has known that Johnny Manuel has an amazing voice for a while, and now everyone is finding out after his amazing audition for America's Got Talent.
Tone The Cheifrocca-One Hit Wonder [Video]
Everyone has a dream and everyone has the right to at least try to make their dreams come true.
Whether you are good or bad at it, you should at least make an effort for it to come true.
Local rapper from Inglewood, California Cheifrocca wants to be a one hit wonder.
Man Falls Off Stage On “America’s Got Talent” [Video]
Somebody get your dad! Tell him he's too old and talentless and should not be auditioning for America's Got Talent! I know that sounded mean but let's be honest, because of American Idol showcasing so many whack people, now other shows are doing it too. Well here's another exampl…