Rittz Live Freestyle on Club937
Rittz is Strange Music's new heavy hitter right now and he stepped into the studio with me  just before our annual Car& Bike show and I just happen to talk him into spitting a freestyle.
It was the best decision I've made this year. check it out!
B-Ray’s Must Have: LED Driving Message Display
Show the driver behind you how you really feel with this custom LED message display. Making this a Must Have.
I can't tell you how many time I've wanted to get out of my car and physically hurt someone for riding to close to my car. With this, I can just show them my frustration.
B-Ray’s Must Have: Burger Bed
The perfect bed to bring that lucky lady home too from the bar, ladies it's the Burger bed. Making this a Must Have.
The most seductive and very very expensive Burger bed is a sure hit with the ladies. Or well it better be because this damn bed cost $25,000 dollars, and if I can't make love…
B-Ray’s Must Have: Bad Mother F**ker Wallet
Finally the legendary wallet from Pulp Fiction that Samuel Jackson's character had is now available for sale and is without a doubt a Must Have!
IF you haven't seen Quentin Taratino's "Pulp Fiction" then there is something seriously wrong with you! It's like the best movie of all time! Or l…
B-Ray’s Must Have: ZBoard
Combine a Skateboard and a Segway together and you've got the most awesome Must Have ever created ladies and gentlemen the ZBoard!
This is probably the next coolest thing on it's way out! Pre-order now to save $100 bucks if you want one. I'm thinking about buying two!
B-Ray’s Must Have: Pocket Pistol
This .45 caliber Heizer pocket pistol is a ambidextrous design no bigger than your iPhone! Now I'm already aware that there are pistols already similar to the size of this one like the Ruger LCP, but that's only in.380 caliber, this is .45. This little power house is a certified Must Have!
Sacrifice …
B-Ray’s Must Have: Hover Bike
It's finally here the worlds first commercial hover bike! I can't count how many times as a kid I wanted a hover board, but this bike will do. If this isn't a Must Have then I don't know what is.
I can't tell you how awesome this is! I'm gonna be in love with this thing until I see Birdman and Lil wa…
B-Ray’s Must Have: Play-Doh Cologne
This Play-Doh scented cologne will have the ladies melting at your finger tips. Making this a Must Have.
Well not really. Unless your 6yrs old and shes 6yrs old. Then it just turns into a awkward situation because your 100% percent sure she has cooties.
B-Ray’s Must Have: Karma Sutra Twister
You can already get a little sexual tension from the old fashion twister game but with the Karma Sutra version naughty things are almost guaranteed to happen making this a certified Must Have.
Whether if your spicing up your sex life with your current wife/girlfriend or your just a straight up freak …
B-Ray’s Must Have: Brass Knuckle Taser [Video]
Taking self defense to a whole new level of awesome with these Brass Knuckle Taser. Delivering 950,000 volts of straight pain! Making this a certified Must Have.
That's more volts than your typical baton taser which delivers around 500,000 volts per hit. Now I know what your thinking, and yes it…
B-Ray’s Must Have: We Got Him Waldo Shirt
It's about time we got Waldo! I hated trying to find him as a child! Grab you one of these shirts to represent how much you hated looking for waldo! This is hands down a Must Have.
Now we just need to grab that B**ch Carmen Sandiego. I can't even tell you how much I hate looking for her!

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