Bear Gets Hit By Car and Walks Off Like Nothing Happened [Video]
A random video feed catches a driver crashing into bear and you would think the bear would have died from the impact, nope he just walks away just a little scared.
This terrifies me. If I can't kill a bear with my car then how do you stop a bear attack? Some of you will say "Duh, shoot …
Scary Brown Bear Encounter With Tourists In Alaska
A group of tourists got a little more than they planned on while on a sight seeing tour in Alaska.
The group of 10 were watching a group of Alaskan Brown Bears, when one of the bears noticed them and charged the group.
This could have ended with a big lunch for the bear, but luckily the tour guide kne…
Baby Bear Is Stuck In A Tree [Video]
Remember the first time you tried to climb a tree, and realized that you were too high?  Be thankful that your mom was not a bear!
This is footage that was shot at a zoo in Switzerland, as a baby bear was stuck in a tree.  The mom and another cub do what they can to get the baby down.
Woman Punches Bear, Escapes With Life [Video]
Ani Haas is a former US Ski Team member, and can now add "Bear Puncher' to her resume.
She was jogging in Montana last Friday when she ran into the path of a mother Black Bear and her cubs.  After realizing that she could not outrun the bear, she did what anyone would do.  No, not fall down and …
This Bear Just Moonwalked [Video]
Russian Bear Approaches Highway - Watch more Funny Videos
This Bear was spotted walking up to locals in Russia. Watch as he Moonwalks back to the forest!