Earlier this week a Midland woman and her husband spotted a bear snacking on their bird feeders in their backyard.

Lou Ann Holland was sitting in her living room Monday evening with her husband when he looked out the window and saw a bear in their backyard. While he called 911, Lou Ann started taking pictures and videos.

It wouldn't be that big of a deal if this had happened in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but this happened in Midland.

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 Lou Ann posted this on Facebook:

So. Um. This just happened at 8:45pm tonight.
We were just sitting in the living room, and Aaron, looking out the window behind me, says, “So. There’s a bear.”
I started taking pictures & videos, he called 911, I called Skip the neighbor.
P.S. No need to call 911 when there’s a freaking bear. Even if it’s TWO INCHES away from where you drink your morning coffee. Mostly because they already know there’s one in our neighborhood. Whaaattt??!!


Lou Ann Holland Facebook
Lou Ann Holland Facebook

At on point while taking photos, Lou Ann and the bear locked eyes as you can see in the photo below. She said this was moment when she almost pooped her pants. If I came face-to-face with a bear, I'm sure that's exactly what would have happened.

Lou Ann Holland Facebook
Lou Ann Holland Facebook
I was talking with Lou Ann and I told her how I just went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee last week and there were bear warnings everywhere but not once did we see one. I said, I guess I should have just went to Midland instead. She said she just went to the U.P. and was complaining about the same thing.
I think I would be really nervous when going into my backyard again after spotting a bear. I'm sure that's how Lou Ann and her husband are feeling as well.

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