Short Guy Tries To Jump Over Car And Fails Hard [Video]
A guy of moderate height makes an attempt to jump over a car and ends up killing his self, I think.
Let this be a valuable lesson to those who want to try and do this. You need a few key ingredients to be successful at jumping really high and this guy has none of those.
Coolest Dad Ever Modifies His Son’s Old Car [Video]
This Dad decides it's time to modify his son's old lighting McQueen car and bring it some new life!
This is isn't your typical Toy's R Us upgrade either. Dad and son get down and dirty to make this ride something to feared on the playground.
Coolest Way To Get In Car [Video]
This was just straight up cool and funny! I don't know when he decided to try this because it could have been really bad if he hit his head in front of some girls. Well if you wanna look cool this summer getting into your whip... follow this guy!

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