There's an excellent chance that the state won't reimburse you, but it never hurts to try. 

So you've hit a pothole and blown a tire. Aside from ruining a good portion of your day, trying to replace it with a spare or, worse yet, having to get it towed and paying to have it repaired, there's also a great chance that you'll hit another one at some point.

Because Michigan.

In fact, Michigan roads just earned the prestigious grade of D- in a new report on state infrastructure. No surprise there.

But, if you HAVE had pothole damage to your car, you CAN submit a claim to the state.

DISCLAIMER: The website ACTUALLY SAYS that they deny most claims due to "governmental immunity," but hey, it never hurts to try. 

The website also states that damage "must have occurred on a state trunkline. Location must be specific to trunkline number, direction of travel, lane of travel, distance from and name of nearest cross road. Most state trunklines are freeways (i.e., I-94, I-96, I-696 or M-14, M-1, US-10, US-24, etc.). If you are not sure you were on a state trunkline, please contact your local MDOT office or county road commission to verify road jurisdiction. Claims must be submitted to the region office where the damages occurred."

To download the form in PDF format, click HERE.

Good luck and godspeed, Michiganders.


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