Nae Nae Dance Video [Video]
It seems like there is a new dance that pops up on the internet every week that seems to be the new 'craze'.
This week hasn't change anything, as far as dances.
This new dance is called 'Nae Nae'.
Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ [Kid Version]
Michael Jackson is and will probably be the most popular artist ever or at least in our lifetime, the only other artist(s) I can think of are the Beetles (sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce].
Imitation is the best form of flattery and Michael Jackson is imitated a lot.
Chris Brown x Nicki Minaj-Love More [Video, NSFW]
It seems like when you hear Chris Brown's name its usually for all the wrong reasons, or he is the butt of a joke.
Thankfully in this case with the rap mega star and Young Money artist Nicki Minaj he is back with a hit (no pun intended).
Father & Son Dance Off [Video]
As a father, when do you know when you are getting old and that your son is taking over the title as 'man of the house'.
Dancing is the true key to manhood, no matter the race, ethnicity, age, financial stability or political party.
In this home video the son decides to record himself dancin…

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