Old Ladies Twerk Like Miley Cyrus [Video]
Twerking has officially become a national phenomenon.
Everyone is doing it from young to old, and since everyone is doing it, why wouldn't you?
These old ladies, are hilarious and understand the essence of twerking.
The Boss Teaches His Workers How To Dance [Video]
A couple of hard working employee's take a break from the mundane to bust a move but the boss comes in and shows them how to really break it down!
It's very rare to find a job that you like for a combination of reasons, but the most important aspect of a job is the people you work with. If …
White Boy Boogie [Video]
Hey kids there's a brand new dance out that us white boys can finally do! It's called the White Boy Boogie.
This will forever change the dance floor for white guys.
Bro Franklin Dances During Offering
During Church service the most agonizing part is probably offering.
Its a long drawn out process, and even though people say they like doing it, and even though they may do it every week, deep down people try to time going to the bathroom just so they can miss it, 'on accident'.
Great Father, Daughter Dance At Her Wedding [Video]
You Tube
There's always so much stress associated with weddings, so it's great to see a bride just let go and have fun with her dad.
There are a million wedding videos online right now that have some scripted "surprise" dance in them.
None of them feature this dad, who keeps…
Butter Shows That Big Boys Can Dance [Video]
If you ever thought that big boys couldn't dance then you've obviously never seen Butter dance. Holding it down for the big boys this clip was shot In Venice in a back alley to give a real gritty feel.
After watching this kid a lot of you skinny guys (including me) might be a little jealous. I know s…
A Slow Dance Video For Teens [Video]
Look how far we've come from the days of slow dancing in High School. This is going to make me sound old, but when I was in school we had to be an arms length away from the girl we were dancing with. This looks like a shot from Saved By The Bell, but it does have one superstar in it...Kelly Ripa fro…
Dubstep The New Dance Craze? [Video]
Similar to Krump this dance is very powerful and just like Krump it  involves people randomly convulsing to music. Now this is more popular in europe where I believe it originated from. Honestly I don't care, but this sh$t is crazy!
Only thing I don't like about this style of dance it seems like you …
Breakdancer Tries Backflip and Lands on Head [Video]
America's best dance crew has nothing on these two eager dancers. With moves like this how can you no impress.
So how can this video be a fail? Well lets just say somebody tried way to hard to shock the crowd and guess what, he succeeded.

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