Diggy Simmons

Diggy Meets Flint At The Back To School Concert
Diggy met with some listeners from Flint at the Back To School Concert on Thursday. Club 93.7 gave listeners a chance to have Dinner with Diggy as a meet and greet before the show. The response was great but only a few people were able to hang out with the hip-hop star.
Diggy Release ‘4 Letter Word’ – [Video]
Diggy release '4 Letter Word' video.  The young emcee is struck with puppy love with a girl from the neighborhood in this video.  The 17-year old emcee Diggy switches up his style with some singing on the track.
During the Phil the God directed video, Diggy and his love interest t…
Diggy Responds To J.Cole Diss [Video]
Diggy talks about his beef with J.Cole and how this whole thing started. J.Cole apparently said some things about Diggy's sister and this obviously pissed him off.
I just find it funny that this is happening now. Diggy mentions that this happened over a year ago and just now his diss to J.Cole is jus…
Diggy Simmons Talks ‘Unexpected Arrival’ Album [Video]
See what Diggy had to say about his debut album, "Unexpected Arrival": "It was just more so about me getting out my feelings through writing. That's when I started loving it so much. I was like, 'Man this is what I want to do.' That's when I took it to the next level and I started …

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