84 Year Old Woman Indicted on Drug Trafficking Charges, Again
Whoever thinks that selling drugs is cool should really rethink the entire situation.  Lives and families are destroyed by drugs and that is terrible outcome.  Usually when you describe a drug dealer, you think of someone young, nope.  A 84 year old woman has been indicted for drug tr…
Guy Having a Crazy Trip High on Molly
Molly is the brand new drug on the street and this guy either took to much or not enough, either way I don't like the results.
Now I personally think taking molly is dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Just because it's in a lot of rap songs doesn't mean it's safe to ing…
Dude Is Way Too High On Ex At The Club [Video]
Guy high on Ex hits the club. Now drugs and partying go hand in hand, but I think this guy did way too much of one before he hit the club!
You wish you could party as hard as this guy! I know I do but unfortunately I don't do drugs, and neither should you.
Tony Bennett Wants Drugs Legalized After Celebrity Deaths [Video]
Even after Whitney Houston's death, the star-studded Clive Davis pre-Grammys party went on as planned at the Beverly Hilton Saturday.
Crooner Tony Bennett used the occasion to try and rally the crowd for the legalization of drugs after the deaths of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Hou…
Soulja Boy Arrested On Drug And Weapons Charges
Soulja Boy was arrested on Tuesday after a traffic stop in Georgia.
Police pulled over Soulja Boy's (DeAndre Cortez) Escalade for a routine traffic stop near the Alabama state border.
They discovered an undisclosed amount of marijuana, cash and a few pistols in the truck.  The good news is that the po…
Naked Woman On PCP Terrorizes Street [Video]
I've never tried PCP, but this woman has, and it does not look fun.  I don't know what else there is to say about this video other than, hugs not drugs.  This should be shown in every school in America.  Drug use would drop to all time record lows.  Check it out.
Charlie And His Goddesses w/ RAP UPDATE [Video]
If you were able to avoid the Sheen-nami last night, you are a better person that me.  Even though I know it shouldnt be important I could not look away as he let his crazy loose on 20/20.  Check him out talking about his goddesses from last night.

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