I have never saw someone try to ruin a person's life like the undercover cop informant who was caught on tape planting illegal drugs inside a New York smoke shop.  I think we can declare this informant as the idiot of the day.

A legal smoke shop in Scobia, New York was under investigation by the police for selling illegal drugs.  The police were so sure about their hunch, they sent an undercover informant into the shop twice in March.

The dirty police informant planted crack cocaine in the store and took a picture of it as evidence.  Donald Andrews Jr., who is the owner of the Dobb City Smoke Shop, was arrested for allegedly selling narcotics from his business. Fortunately, Andrews freedom was saved by having seven cameras in his store.

Several camera angles caught the informant clearly planting the drugs on the counter.  The police had no choice but to release Andrews after seeing the footage.  The informant hasn't been captured since the arrest of the smoke shop owner.

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