17-year-old Girl is Stronger Than You [Video]
A girl hits the gym and puts a lot of guys to shame with her ridiculous Crossfit workout routine.
Crossfit is the new craze in personal fitness. It combines everything that hurts really bad when it comes to exercising and blends them all together. To the sane person you may be thinking, "Why wou…
Girl Gets Swallowed By Pavement [Video]
A young girl was walking down the street in china until the ground gave way to a pretty deep sinkhole. This kinda sounds like the plot to a very bad movie.
This sinkhole was huge! It almost  looked like a underground tunnel that would lead to a city of gold....... ok probably not.
Girl With An Awesome Talent [Video]
Once in a generation comes a person with a talent that is so superior to anyone or anything you have ever seen. This is that person.
I warn you. Your minds will be blown!
Bikini Model Falls On Butt [Video]
Bikini models are usually good at one thing, looking great in bikinis.  They should not be asked to do much else.
So when the photographer decides to take the shoot out of the hot tub, someone should be there to assist the bikini girls.  I mean, who could possibly expect these professionals to make i…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Girl Power [Video]
Fellas think twice before talking any trash with these ladies. Not only will they win the conversation but now they'll whoop that ass in a fight! Guy's just be careful, behind that beautiful smile is a cold blooded killer with a mean right cross..
Atlanta Cop Punches Woman At An IHOP [Video]
Police Brutality or the perception of it seems to be on the rise, thanks to camera phones and youtube. In reality no one should be hitting, swinging, or doing anything violent to a Police Officer. But it seems like this is a growing trend lately, especially with women. I'm not sure if it's becaus…
Kids Don’t Go To The Dentist [VIDEO]
You've probably seen the little kid talking all crazy after a visit at the dentist, now this video has popped up on the internet of a girl who seems to be pretty "wasted" after she got her wisdom teeth pulled. This is why I've only been to the dentist twice in my life, ch…
Homemade Snack…Don’t Watch This [Video]
Don't say I didn't warn you...the Title says "Don't Watch This" which means you will probably click read more and watch the video anyway! I don't want to hear an complaints when you are finished. Take a look lol