Police Brutality or the perception of it seems to be on the rise, thanks to camera phones and youtube. In reality no one should be hitting, swinging, or doing anything violent to a Police Officer. But it seems like this is a growing trend lately, especially with women. I'm not sure if it's because women are used to being able to push men or be disrespectful to them without a lot of repercution or being hit back. All I know is... it just looks bad when a man punches a woman, especially a cop!

In Atlanta, GA at a local IHOP there was an altercation with some ladies and some cops. Watch this video and see who you think was in the right and who was in the wrong. It's another case similar to the incident that happened in Seattle a couple years ago. Now after watching the video a few times I see that the girl was swinging in his face trying to get him off the other girl, but then he kind of slaps her and that's when all hell breaks loose. When he cocks back and socks her it looked bad on his behalf, because his partner never really looked like he wanted to punch people. So it almost looks like he got street with it as oppose to Officer-ish. It'll be interesting to see what happens after this. This is all over the web so I know it's going t blow up!

Here's the incident in Seattle

This one may be the wost!

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