Ian Says Goodbye To Flint
Dear Flint,
Today is my final night on Club 93-7, although many listeners thought I was Clay for the last 9 years.
First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who tuned into NightClub 9-3-7, I really appreciate the support and truly enjoyed entertaining you every single night.
Some might be happy t…
Ian Makes TV-5 News Yesterday From Opening Day [Video]
Sorry if you had to work yesterday and couldn't make Opening Day down in Detroit. I had that chance to talk with WNEM TV-5 about the Tigers, the upcoming season and what the day means. If you want the hat I'm  wearing, it's only $30 in The D Shop...lol
Check me out Mom, I made the…
Big Brothers Big Sisters 33rd Annual Bowling Challenge [Pictures]
Clay, Ian, B-Ray , LV and Ricky Burns show up for the 33rd Annual Bowling challenge to show this young kids how to bowl.
Even though we suck at bowling we all had a good time. You'll see more of the Town Square Media staff in these photo's. Including staff members from Cars 108 and Banana 1…
Ian Asks Katy Perry To Take Him To The Grammys [Video]
If there is one thing I want this year, it's Katy Perry to be happy; and to take me to the Grammy's. I know you've seen all those videos of people asking celebrities to dances, I wanted to try something a little different.
I want Katy to have a good time this year at the Grammys so I a…
Chocolate Rain Guy Hangs Out In Flint [Video]
Jeff was out back passing out candy to listeners Trick or Treating last night when a internet celebrity showed up at our back door. The Chocolate Rain guy Tay Zonday who has over 77 million views on his YouTube video gave us a quick performance. Watch it below!
Ian Goes All Ninja On The Vending Machine [Video]
Have you ever put money in the vending machine and it doesn't come out? So I walked into the break room at Club 93.7 and noticed someone got screwed out of $1.25 cupcakes. I did what any normal person would do, I kicked that stuff out son! Check out the awesome video below!
Club 93.7 Part-Timer Claims He Can Jump On Top Of His Car [Video]
So last Friday after the HS Football Game of the Week in Lapeer, new Club 93.7 part-timer Ricky Burns was hanging out in the studio with me and made a pretty bold statement. Ricky said "I can jump on the roof of my car"! Why he randomly said this...I have no idea. So I put Ricky to the tes…
Young Jeezy Calls Into Night Club 937 With Ian [Video]
Mr. TM103 himself Young Jeezy took some time out on Thursday night to call into Night Club 937 with Ian to talk about his upcoming album, fantasy football, Michael Vick and doing a joint record with me. I won't lie...I was pretty nervous to talk with Jeezy because he comes off as a pretty hard dude …
Jon Connor “F.L.I.69″ Featuring Ian [Video]
Flint rapper Jon Connor has done it again! The local MC has been known to rep his city to the fullest, but in his new video for "F.L.I69" a track off his latest album "Salvation" is all bout Flint. Connor enlisted one of Club 93-7's own Ian aka "The …
Ian Makes Conan O’Briens Team Coco Website [VIDEO]
So after growing out my beard for 7 months, it has all paid off!! I shot the video below of me cutting my beard right after Conan O'Brien cut his live on his TBS Show. I sent the video to him and now Conan has finally acknowledge the beard and it's power. See what some of his fans had to s…
Ian And Conan Both Lose The Beard [VIDEO]
Last night was a sad, sad day for the beards! Conan lost his to Will Ferrell and I took mine in memory of Conan's. It was a long seven months with beard...we had our ups and downs, but in the end beard was always there for me. See Conan and I both get shaved and may beard Rest In Peace!
Ian Wears A Dog Shock Collar [Video]
The guy in this video may or may not be Ian from NightClub937, but he is definitely wearing a shock collar.  I don't know what would posses anyone to wear one of these.  Honestly though, I don't care as long as they put the video online for our entertainment.  Check it out.

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