iPhone 5

WIll It Blend – iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 [Video]
The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 5 are indeed rivals but the question at hand is, will it blend?
Honestly I think this is the best usage you'll get out of either one of these phones. i hate when people get caught up in the draw of a new phone. While most of them won't be using 80% of the pho…
Jimmy Kimmel Proves That The iPhone 5 Is All Hype [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel hits the streets to prove that the new iPhone 5 is all hype. Phones come and go like crazy and with apple you'll be buying a new cell phone every year.
But do you really have too? I the iPhone 4S is perfectly fine, and Jimmy proves that in this video.
Nintendo Wii U Competes With iPhone 5 For Preorders
The Nintendo Wii U competes with the iPhone 5 for pre-orders.  Last week news hit the internet about the iPhone 5 and people went Apple crazy.  Today I came across information that the Nintendo Wii U has done well in pre-orders as well.