The Nintendo Wii U competes with the iPhone 5 for pre-orders.  Last week news hit the internet about the iPhone 5 and people went Apple crazy.  Today I came across information that the Nintendo Wii U has done well in pre-orders as well. 

Everyone is spending their money on the iPhone 5 but do not over look the Nintendo Wii U.  I imagine a lot of kids are bugging their parents for the Nintendo Wii U for Christmas and the parents are responding.  I could only imagine the non-stop nagging that is taking place right now.

So far online, all major retailers of the Nintendo Wii U have sold out of the inventory for the new video game console.  We do not know the size of their inventories for the console but we do know if they sold out online, it is a good thing.

So if kids are screaming for a Nintendo Wii U for Christmas, what is on your wish list?

[spotted at ABCNews]