Lil Mama

30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop
Memorable fails from Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, Da Brat, Grandmaster Flash, Fabolous, Ice-T, Diddy and Foxy Brown, among others, prove good music isn't enough to steer clear of the fashion police. Check out 30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop.
Lil Mama Fires Another Shot At Nicki Minaj [Video]
So it looks like Lil Mama is going to keep making comments about Nicki Minaj while doing interviews. Lil Mama claims Nicki stole her image in 2011 at the MTV Movie Awards and won't let it go. My question is..."Why can't women just get along"? Really, Lil Mama is trying to beef with Nicki M…