New York

New Nas Documentary Will Be Released in October [Video]
If you ask your favorite rapper's favorite rapper he or she will probably tell you Nas.
Nas' debut album 'Illmatic' was regarded as an instant classic and is probably in the top 10 of greatest albums of all time.
And easily in the top 5 greatest albums of the 1990's, along wit…
28 Shootings in NYC within 48 Hours [Video]
Over the weekend an there was an outburst of violence in NYC with 28 shootings within 48 hours which ended with 6 dead and one young girl paralyzed from the neck down.
My prayers go out to the families affected by this violence and especially to the young girl who hit by a stray bullet. This is just …
New York Starts Big-Soda Ban?
New York is in the process of banning soda 16 ounces and higher. This means nowhere! No restaurants, stadiums, nowhere! If you get caught with a Big soda it could carry a $200 fine. Damn...
Millions Of People Are Leaving New York
New York State accounted for the biggest population exit of any state in the nation between 2000 and 2010, with 3.4 million residents leaving over that period.
So the question is, why would anyone leave the "City Of Dreams?"
Flying People Are Spotted Over New York City [Video]
Recently reports flooded in concerning people who appeared to be flying over New York City.
While this stirred up a bunch of people, the flying objects weren't actually people at all.  Check out what they really were.
Free Beats Mean Anyone Can Take The Mic [Video]
It's a proven fact that the general public will take anything, as long as it's free.  So Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan decided to see what the people of New York would do with free beats.
So many different people took their share of the free beats, and showed off a pretty wide array of skills.…
Buffalo Club Kicks Out Black People! [Video]
A night club in Buffalo, NY kicked out patrons because there was not "enough white people". This sounds outrageous but this happens all the time. Even in clubs/bars near you! I myself have experienced this and am glad that it's being brought out to national attention.

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