Old people

Safe Sex For Seniors [Video]
Everyone has to practice safe sex even grandpa and grandma. STD's in seniors have raised 71% and last thing grandpa should be worried about is catching Chlamydia.
Now go and get granny and grandpa and sit them down so they can understand what safe sex is. But I warn you. Even thought the elderly…
Old People Vs Escalators [Video]
Please keep you grandma or grandpa away from the escalators because old people and escalators don't mix.
Old people tend to just flip the hell out when they step on a escalator. It's seem instinctual for them to just lose balance and fall back down the stairs.
So if you care for granny keep …
Angry Old People Fighting [Video]
I've always said old people are crazy and they don't know how to drive, but one thing they are good for in entertainment! I came across a new website called "Angry Old People" and basically it just a bunch of old people pissed off about nothing, fighting each other. Anyone can post a video…
Grandpa Likes Big Butts And He Cannot Lie [Video]
When a drunk guy sings Sir Mix A Lot at a Karaoke bar its the most annoying thing in the entire world.  So why is it that when old man river sings it from his recliner, it might be the best thing ever?!  In the end, who cares?  Just sit back and enjoy, then get off my lawn!