Drake shows us that it's not just about "Young Money", don't forget about "Old Money"! Watch..

This is a funny, cool side to Drake that I've not seen much of. This was for the Juno awards in Toronto. For those that sometimes forget, Drake is actually a Canadian. Well he took sometime to go to a Nursing Home and get it in with our elderly folk. This was funny especially, the "Canary Yellow" line. Not to mention he bought the old lady some "iced out" dentures. I always wonder who's Grandparents are doing this? Like yo "Gram's" that would be soooo cool if you did that with Drake... He's a rapper! He even goes as far as to having an Old Man "Dougie'n"... Hilarious! Well this goes well for Drake, it adds a couple more cool points to his resume. Now if he could cut his hair or at least not grow a Christmas tree beard like Ian.

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