Parallel Parking

The Fastest, Tightest Parallel Parking Ever [Video]
The world record for parallel parking has changed hands five times in the last two years!  It is one of the hotly contested records that Guiness has on the books.
You are about to see the title change hands again, even if nobody's hand could actually fit between the two cars that parked.
Parallel Parking Made Easy [Video]
Parallel parking is so much easier when you just don't care about the cars around you.
A surveillance camera caught this driver trying to squeeze into a small spot.
Tightest Parallel Parking World Record [Video]
Ronny Wechselberger a.k.a. "Ronny C-Rock" from Germany just did some amazing parking.  He set the Guinness World Record It makes me feel dumb that anytime I have to parallel park it takes me at least 3 times. He did this with only 26 cm (10.24 in) to spare. I bet you he never …