Lindsay Lohan Is Posing Nude For Playboy
Word has come out that Lindsay Lohan is spending this week in front of Playboy cameras for an upcoming nude spread.
Hugh Hefner is supposedly paying Lohan close to one million dollars for her services.
That payday is a little better than her other job right now, which is performing community service a…
Hugh Hefner Lost His V-Card 58 Years Ago
We talked about this on Night Club 937 tonight and it makes my stomach kinda weak just thinking about Mr. Playboy himself getting it on, but Hugh Hefner said he lost his V-Card (Not Valentine's Day) when he was 22! At what age is it really appropriate to do such a thing??
Toni Braxton Posing For Playboy?
Umm not sure how many people would like to see this, but I'm one of them LOL.
Toni Braxton is interested is getting "tastefully" naked for Playboy.
She even Tweeted about it! Check it out...