While you were busy voting these triplet playmate strippers were busy beating down other strippers like a real American should!

Sisters and former Playboy playmates Sarah Satterfield and Vicki Satterfield were charged with assault after a massive brawl involving half a dozen strippers at The Brass Pole in Elyria, Ohio. They claim they were attacked by a group of girls who "ripped all of our hair out and stuff"...

Vicki and Sarah are two of the three triplets featured in "Playboy Magazine" in 2007 and as cyber playmates.

Surveillance shows Vicki started the fight in the dressing room, and both sisters then attacked the club manager.  Both sisters pleaded not guilty to the assault charge, and have totally never been in trouble before . . .EXCEPT

Sarah Satterfield has been convicted three separate times for disorderly conduct and once for OVI.  Vicki Satterfield has two disorderly conduct convictions as well as an assault conviction for taking a swing at a police officer.

So basically what I'm saying is that you better get your mom ready to meet these winners.