B-Ray’s Must Have: Baby Stroller/Scooter
This is either the most reckless or awesome way to get around as a single parent. This is one of those things were you would say "OK that looks cool" but you would never do it.
Sorta like watching a professional BMX rider or a pro Skater. It looks pretty cool and it has a nice conce…
Guy Crashes His New Scooter Trying To Show Off [Video]
It's all fun and games until you crash trying to show off on your scooter.
The best part is that the guy getting on his new scooter really seems to be enjoying himself.
He obviously forgot to read that last page of the manual though, where it clearly states in bold lettering "RESPECT THE…
Scooter Jump Fail [Video]
So I have officially put scooters into my don't touch list after this kid breaks his face. But hey, here's the flip side of that whats funnier than watching your best friend scrap his face all over the concrete? Nothing!
Just make sure you don't try anything stupid like this. If you do…