Lagrant Smith led 10 Fort Wayne police cruisers on a low speed chase last week, and his getaway vehicle of choice?  A moped . . . Yes you heard correct, a M'r F'n MOPED!

Witnesses sitting at a Rally's caught the entire chase on their phone, and got the best dinner and show they will ever have in their lives.

WANE talked to the witness who told them, "There was probably like five of us standing out here and we were cheering and [the moped driver] was showing off a little bit."  "It’s crazy.  I couldn’t even believe it was happening.  I’ve never seen anything like that.  I don’t know how he possibly thought he could get away on a scooter you know."

The chase reached speeds of up to (dramatic pause) 25 MILES PER HOUR!

When Smith realized that he wasn't getting away on his moped, he jumped off and was eventually tased by the police.  He was arrested and charged 7 crimes, but the best one by far is theft because it turns out that he had actually STOLEN THE MOPED!

Let's run down Lagrant Smith's evening for a second.

  • Buys and smokes weed
  • Steals Moped
  • Refuses to pull over for one police car, ends up with 10 chasing him
  • Shows off for a group of kids eating at Rallys
  • Gets tasered and arrested

Not a bad days work.

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