Sesame Street

Usher Delivers New ABC’s Song to Sesame Street
Despite all his troubles with his ex-wife, Usher delivers a new catchy ABC's song to Sesame Street.  This should be the new anthem in kindergarten
The new ABC song from Usher is accompanied by some great days moves.  I don't think the version of the ABC's when I was growing u…
Best of the Mitt Romney Versus Big Bird Memes
Mitt Romney can't just say he's going to put Big Bird out of a job and get away with it. Here are the best memes so far from the Great 2012 Big Bird Backlash that don't have curse words. Because in the mind of the internet, when Big Bird gets angry he grabs a rifle and starts spewing …
Bert And Ernie Gangsta Rap [ThrowBack]
Bert and Ernie show how gangsta rap is really done in this internet Gem! Songs always come out better when you mix then with Sesame Street. Have you seen Elmo's Pretty Boy Swag? It's makes the song tolerable!
For the next year I suggest every hip hop artist develop a video using Bert and Ernie.. Thin…

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