Your Guide to Michigan-Made Junk Food
Michiganders love junk food. We don't have any scientific info to back that up, but it seems like it has to be when you consider how much delicious snack food is made right here in the Mitten State.
Are Ritz Crackers Really America’s Favorite Snack?
Ritz Crackers hold the top spot for the second year in a row as Americas favorite snack, beating out Doritos and Lay's.  I thought I liked Ritz as much as the next person, but apparently not because I would never have guessed it to be America's favorite! Would you?
Cooking With Snoop [Video]
Worried about how you'll feed the mob of football fans at your house on Super Bowl Sunday?  Fear not!  Snoop Dogg to the rescue, and after you watch the video you'll see that its really way easier than you think.  Check it out below.