Stolen Car

Naked Car Thief Is Caught By Police Dog [Video]
Stealing a stretch Hummer is a bad idea, but being NAKED when you do it, only makes it worse.
The limo has a blown front tire and a parade of police following it, not to mention the helicopter!
Even with all that, nobody would have predicted the chase to end like it did.
Stolen Car Prank [Video]
Trying to do a good deed can backfire especially when your helping a car thief. The scene seems pretty harmless, a guy ask for a little bit of help to start his car, but little do they know the isn't his!
The reactions on these people faces are priceless! I can't think of anything funnier t…
Detroit Just Can’t Have Anything Nice!
This is a picture of the BMW that was stolen from the BMW that was stolen in Detroit yesterday.  Keep in mind that this car costs more than most of our houses do when you hear how easily it was taken!
Two thieves drove away in a brand new $94,000 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan on Wednesday night that was…