A 12-yr-boy old got brave and stole a police cruiser in Flint and reportedly got up to speeds around 80 mph before crashing. My parents would have executed me...

So from the report, police showed up at this young mans place in response to a domestic disturbance when little jimmy decided to hop in the police car and take off.

The kid then took police on a 8 minute chase that ultimately ended in another police vehicle crashing head on with the stolen vehicle to stop the kid. Now, I don't know what the punishment for this kid will be, but if its anything like my household when I was growing up, say goodbye to this kid. Reports say at one point during the chase the kid grabbed the radio and told the other officers to take his life! He was probably thinking about how this was gonna end. This kid would rather die then face the butt whopping he's gonna receive.. R.I.P.. Kiddo

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