91 Flint Teachers Cut
Monday night the Flint School Board agreed to a plan to cut 91 teachers in order to help get Flint Schools out of debt.
Near Bear For Students
A fifth grade teacher at Hyatt Elementary in Linden is in hot water after he gave his students sample of O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic beer during a history lesson.
Teacher Stops A Classroom Fight Like A Boss [Video]
Teachers are in a tough position in today's classrooms, especially when a student or two decides to act up.
Without being able to do anything physically to the students, this teacher uses something that I call the "Sam Jackson" effect.  And it works out perfectly.
Flint Schools Will Lay Off 227 Teachers And Counselors
The news goes from bad to worse for Flint School employees and students, after the announcement that four schools will close, comes the word of major lay offs.
The Flint Board of Education voted 8-1 Tuesday to lay off 227 teachers and counselors.  The schools lay off teachers every year, but not…
Dad Secretly Records Teachers Verbally Abusing His Autistic Son [Video]
New Jersey dad Stuart Chaifetz was confused when reports that his Autistic son Akian, had become violent in his school.  In an effort to find out what exactly was going on he hid an audio recorder on his son and sent him to school.
Shockingly, he discovered that a teacher and a teacher’s aide were ve…