Tom Brady

Brady Inspires U of M
Tom Brady will go down as one of the the best quarterbacks to play the game, so when he stopped by Schembecler Hall to talk to U of M's football team, everyone was all ears.
Tom Brady Has a New Best Friend [Video]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best friend of a superstar?
In this sketch an employer begs NFL superstar to pretend to be his friend so he can impress his girlfriend's parents.
This "Dick's employee goes to great lengths to make himself look good by making To…
Teach Me How To Brady [VIDEO]
This is just way to embarrassing, but I had to post the video! This more than shows that "White Guys" (not all) can't dance. Even though I love Tom Brady because he's a Wolverine...that is still no excuse for this nonsense!! Check out the video