Young Jeezy Gives Back To The Community [Video]
For as much negative publicity as Young Jeezy gets he does a lot of good things for underprivileged kids.
Young Jeezy went to numerous youth centers in the Atlanta area and put on his 3rd annual "Snow Drive".
This concept is nothing new but it makes you feel good when you realize the…
Kids Toys Are Getting Pretty Freaky [Video]
Elmo and Cookie Monster have some Adult Fun. The YouTube video says: Discovered completely by accident by putting the toys away, it just had to be recorded and shared. Alone these toys seem innocent, but together, it is just wrong. Elmo Live and Tickle Me Extreme Cookie Monster.
Check out the video…
How To Get Your Toys To Curse
Guy takes a simple toy phone and makes it shout some foul language. I wish I had one of these phones growing up. All the toys i had were very mild mannered and boring. Side note... How bored do you have to be to start playing with your kids toys? obviously this is a grown man playing with this phone…