On this show that is purposely made to look low budget, Eric Andre interviews the very beautiful Tatyana Ali and talks about how he supports the troops.

Eric Andre's sidekick Hannibal discusses how he "Supports the Troops" as a concept but not individually because they might be d*cks and he has to talk to each individual soldier.The Eric Andre show is a late night show on Comedy Central's Adult Swim.

The Series Originally aired in 2012 and pokes fun of public access shows that features bad camera shots and a very plain looking background.

On this episode Eric asks Hannibal to join his bad which he immediately accepts, and then about 60 seconds later he announces that he is leaving because of creative differences and that he wants to create his own genre which is "Autotune Scat".

When Tatyana Ali comes out, Eric Andre awkwardly hits on her and invite her back to his place for "pizza".

This awkward type of comedy may not be for everyone, but this is the sort of thing that i love and kind of reminds of the type of comedy that Zach Galifianakis