It seems like the kid to parent relationship has become numb to doing what is right. I remember growing up and you didn't steal from your parents.  Well, a teenager ran up a $54k bar tab in Japan on his dad's credit card.  If I would have done that, I wouldn't have lived to see graduation. 

The 16 year old and his friend turned up with his dad's American Express card buying alcoholic beverages.  The tab showed whiskey and expensive wine from several different lifestyle bars.

The misguided teenager also made stops in clubs where women fall all over you and make you feel like a big shot.  While at those clubs, the youngsters did not engaged in any sexual activity.

The crazy thing about the entire story is that the dad does not have to pay the entire debt.  American Express and the clubs paid over 90% of the $54k. The father was stuck paying the remainder of the bill.  The payment arraignment was sorted out by the Japanese courts which took several years to clear up.

If your son or daughter ran up a $54k bar tab in Japan, what would their punishment be?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via Huffington Post