Terrence J. & Rocsi are leaving BET 106 & Park. Yesterday the host of BET’s flagship show announced they will be leaving the show after seven years.  The duo took over the show after the pioneer host Free & AJ handed over the mantle.

Terrence J. seems to be looking to build his movie career and it is unknown exactly what Rocsi will move on to.  I hope both will move to bigger and better avenues in their careers.  No word on who will replace the two but rumors say a duo of radio jocks from Detroit will take over.

Check out the announcement and statement from Stephen Hill concerning the departure of Terrence J. and Rocsi.

Stephen Hill Statement

Today, after seven exciting years, 106 & Park hosts Terrence J and Rocsi announced that they will be leaving the show. It is no secret that there are a number of opportunities coming their way and we’re fortunate that they’ve been with 106 & Park for so long. They will be staying on the show for a while, so that we can have a “victory lap” — a celebration of their years at the helm of 106 & Park— before their departure. Terrence J and Rocsi are destined for great success and we at BET Networks will always take pride in being their original home — and be a place where I hope they’ll always feel welcome.