Earlier this week I decided to audition to become the host of BET 106 & Park. I have always enjoyed the show and knew that I could one day become the host of the show.  When the window of opportunity opened for me this week, I took it.  I got together with my good friend, The Closet Studio, to produce the audition video.

I have been blessed to have people who support my talents and gifts throughout my life.  People have always told me I should become a host for a television show centered on the hip-hop culture.  I never really put forth the effort to make that happen until now.  After a friend encouraged me to apply while watching the BET Awards Show 2012, I decided to trust God and make it happen.

BET has only asked for people to upload a video introducing their favorite video as if they were hosting the show.  Next, BET asked for people tell them why they should be the next host of 106 & Park.  Lastly, BET instructed applicants to watch the show to see if their video would be aired on TV.  Besides all of that, there are not any other rules.  So I decided to share the video with you.  Check out the video below and let me know what you think. Good, Bad, and/or chatty. Lol.

If you would like for me to become the next host of BET 106 & Park, get on your twitter and tweet this message. ‘@YaBoyLV #106TheSearch’

Thank you so much!