People in Mexico City captured video of the 7.1 magnitude earth quake that has killed hundreds, and it shows how powerful and scary it really is.

The first video shows sky scrapers swaying like leaves on a tree as the earth quake shook the ground.

It's insane to see bricks falling off of the side of the older building, but luckily it was strong enough to withstand the quake. The next videos show buildings that were not as lucky.

The next building made it through the quake, but after the ground settled, it came down as well.

The last video shows how scary and dangerous it was to be inside of a building during the quake.

The death toll from this massive quake is rising every day, and crews are working around the clock to save people that may still be alive under the rubble.

Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with our friends in Mexico City and their families here in America.

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