The world is becoming stranger by the day when a Texas man was arrested and placed in jail for an overdue GED study book.  In a day in age when reading books are replaced by tablets, people can now fear being arrested for library warrants. 

Jory Enck, was recently arrested and thrown in jail over keeping a GED study book from the library from 2010.  After a recent city ordnance was passed to issue arrest warrants to overdue library books, Enck was made an example of in this ploy to recover funds.  Municipal Judge Bill Price revealed to the local news why the city passed the law.

"spending a tremendous amount of money replacing these materials that people just didn't return."

Jory Enck was later released from jail on $200 bond and he quickly returned the book.  The police are not out looking for bad library cardholders but will arrest people during traffic stops who show they have a library warrant.

I understand that the libraries are not what they use to be due to technology.  I believe we should turn our books back in on time.  I know I need to pay some money to the library but to arrest people, is truly doing too much.  Our community should start spending more time at our local libraries and consider the cost of keeping book.  Flint, do not start arresting people over library books.