If nothing else, living in Flint is unique and can be quite entertaining. Nothing really speaks to that point as well as the hashtag #OnlyInFlint does though. See for yourself.

The CANUSA games have really changed since I was a kid

Does my mustache match these shoes?


I believe you're looking for the hat department.


When you lose your work truck in a dice game.


Someone forgot one of their Trump steaks.




"I see a Flint coney in your future."


This is not how you "hit the 3-wheel motion."



That's gotta be Photoshopped, right?


The struggle is real.


That's a lot of horsepower for one minivan.


When you can't count on the city to provide safe water.


At least he isn't taking a number McPick2.


What are those?!


That's a very specific vibe.


Maybe he just got back from the vet.


The original J's.


Laugh if you want, but it's more comfortable than your mower.


When you pass out by the curb on garbage day.


"The fat one's watching the little one?"


Who says you have to stop playing with toys when you grow up?


This one is lengthy, but it's a prime example of the random weirdness you can see at any time, but only in Flint, Michigan.

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