After you've dug deep to pay for the engagement ring, you're going to have dig deeper to pay for the wedding.

New research by The Knot focusing on couples who got hitched in 2014 has found that the average cost of a wedding in the US is a grand total of $32,213. And that's not even taking into the honeymoon, which perhaps should be to the bank to take out a loan.

There are plenty of other eye-opening statistics you should keep in mind if you're considering walking down the aisle or mulling over life as an old maid/lifelong bachelor.

Prepare to lose consciousness because New York's Manhattan is the most expensive place in the country to get married, with an average price tag of $76,328. That's a far cry from Utah, home of the least expensive wedding at $15,257.

Who's paying for these bashes on average? The parents of the bride pay for 43% of the big day, the same percentage as the bride and groom, while the groom's parents chip in 12%, which may have you rooting for a boy when you have a baby on the way. Only 12% of the marrying couples pay for the whole wedding by themselves.

The average wedding gown fetches $1,357. Women took the plunge at the average age of 29, while men were 31.

The average wedding had 136 guests, while most engagements lasted 14 months. June was the most popular month to get married and December the most popular month for couples to get engaged.

There's no word what the most popular month for couples to realize they're going to be in debt paying for a wedding is.

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