TLC is taking reality TV to the next level by covering more than a persons real life, they are documenting a persons real death in 'Best Funeral Ever'.

TLC will air 'Best Funeral Ever' as a one time special on December 26th, but rumors are that a weekly series is already in the works.

The show will go behind the scenes of the Golden Gate Funeral Home located in Dallas, Texas.  The funeral home specializes in the African-American 'Home-going' celebration and takes everything to the next level.

The funeral home's director helps each family plan an unconventional service followed by what he calls a "wild party."  Some funerals have included a barbecue-themed memorial—featuring a sauce fountain—and one was held inside a boxing ring.

The funeral home and show are being scrutinized for charging their clients a huge amount of money for these funerals while they are at their most vulnerable moments.  I don't really care if it's in poor taste or not, I definitely want to go to one of these funerals now!