It’s no surprise that Ryan Murphy loves to sprinkle horror movie references throughout American Horror Story. Remember that time Kit Walker was tortured A Clockwork Orange-style? How about the use of Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho score to amp up the creep factor in one of the scariest episodes of Murder House? Or the time Twisty popped out of the hedges à la Michael Myers?

With a secretive sixth season of American Horror Story on the way, we’ve looked back on all five seasons to find the show’s best references to classic horror movies. From nods to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the pilot to the The Shining‘s influence on AHS: Hotel, Murphy has crafted a series full of cinematic spooks. Call it homage, call it appropriation, but whatever you call it, it’s sure as heck creepy. American Horror Story Season 6 premieres on FX on September 14.

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