As far as hip-hop squabbles, the riff between 50 Cent and former G-Unit member The Game is often categorized as one of hip-hop's most unfortunate beefs. But to the delight of G-Unit fans, the beef could finally be coming to an end.

A single Instagram post featuring Dr. Dre and Game is at the root of the reunion rumors. The Game's Blood Money Entertainment signee Pharaoh Jackson posted a video last night with Game and Dre vibing in the studio and the caption is what has people talking.

"The BEATLES AKA "G-UNIT" are joining forces again," wrote Pharaoh. "STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON" the movie captivated the Globe.... NOW what's gone happen when we do the "G-UNIT" movie with all the drama... G-UNIT aka the Hip-Hop Beatles TOOK OVER THE WORLD, BUT EGOS CAUSED THEM TO BREAK UP PREMATURELY."

Fif and Game's beef started back in 2005 when Fif felt Game's budding disloyalty to G-Unit over not participating in the beefs with other rappers. Amid diss records, Hot 97 building bum-rushes and those "G-UNot" shirts, the two rappers have circled around each other in the rap world for years but never really acknowledged whether the beef between them was over. G-Unit famously reunited in the summer of 2014 during an appearance at Summer Jam. That reunion was missing Game, of course, but was a coming out of sorts for the newest member, New Orleans spitter Kidd Kidd.

The last release from G-Unit as a crew came in March of 2015 when they dropped the mixtape The Beast Is G-Unit. And just last month it was reported that the "I'm The Man" MC and the West Coast's top gun partied peacefully in the same Los Angeles club. These are all signs that the hatchet might finally be buried.

Could a full-on G-Unit reunion be in hip-hop's future? Check out the Instagram post below and judge for yourself.

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